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The need to discover the history of a property can come about for a variety of reasons. House Histories provides expertise in discovering the history of your Australian property and presenting this either as a stylish, factual and easy to understand report, or a privately commissioned beautiful book.

Our Property History Reports are ideal for:

  • vendors, purchasers and real estate agents as part of the property sales process for older, character homes.
  • property developers needing to comply with local government construction conditions prior to demolition.


  • Heritage Consultants looking for help with the historical research for their assessments of heritage impact.
  • owning a report on the history of your home to discover the secrets and stories behind its character and charm.

Our signature House Histories Books are substantial undertakings suitable for property owners looking to create a visually stunning, thoroughly researched and beautifully written book about their property.

Our books are fully customised, privately commissioned works that will be enjoyed and remembered by generations of the family.


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Property History Reports

House Histories Books

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Our Philosophy

Every house is unique. As a backdrop, it bears witness to all the joys and trials of the lives of its occupants that manifest through the passage of time. A historical synergy grows between land, a house and its people as their stories weave together. The story of fixed, tangible structures becomes infused with more mysterious and organic narratives when successive people make it their own. A house becomes a home with its own history, character and spirit.

If only a house might sit down in a chair with a cup of tea and tell its story. If only it were so simple; if only the walls could talk. But there are clues, imprints and echoes waiting to be found, questions waiting to be asked, threads waiting to be woven together. It is our task to tune in to the energy and cues of an old house. We research and discover the times and people long gone, knowing full well that there are secrets an old house will never, and should never, give up.


Worthington Clark Pty Ltd

Worthington Clark is a boutique, family owned and operated professional genealogy firm. For over 30 years, we have provided world class genealogy services to assist individuals and organisations.

Our customised services are as specific or as broad as required and fully supported by our professional, friendly staff. We are proud of our proven track record and value the trusted relationships we build with our clients.

Our specialist research services have benefited clients all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada and Europe.





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