House Histories Books

House Histories combines its significant genealogical and historical research and writing capabilities with its design and photography expertise to produce a book for you that is visually stunning and entirely unique.

Our books are meticulously researched, drawing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources including memoirs, interviews, books, letters, newspapers, magazine articles, photographs, maps, plans, and council records. We transform this research into a dynamic, engaging narrative that anyone of any age, regardless of their level of interest in history, wants to keep reading.


House Histories believes the unearthing of the history of a home is a nourishing and important undertaking for our built heritage, for posterity and for ourselves. The articulation of its story enriches and entwines with other layers of history: family, local, national and world history of which we are all a part.

To have your privately commissioned House History of the home that you love, please click on the email link below to request contact. A representative of Worthington Clark House Histories will then contact you directly to discuss how your House History can be researched, written, designed and produced just for you.

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