Property History Reports

Our dedicated research team combines legal, historical, genealogical and commercial qualifications and skills to produce targeted Property History Reports specific to your needs.

Our Property History Reports focus on the lives of the people that have owned the property and the land associated with it. We recover anecdotal stories about those people and the property as well as researching changes to the property over time. A full ownership table detailing past owners, transfers and where possible sale prices, forms an appendix to the report supported by copies of any original land records and council records that are obtained during the research process.


Our Property History Reports can be used for:

  • Real estate agents looking to expand their selling strategy packages for clients selling historical and character homes or to reinvigorate the engagement with a vendor and sale of a home
  • Editorial content for further promotion of a home for sale
  • Vendors looking to enhance their selling strategy by illuminating and substantiating the historical character of their property, creating a connection with a potential buyer and adding romance to the property, for a small percentage of the overall cost of the property sale
  • Prospective property purchasers looking for a cost effective and complete past owners report to thoroughly understand the background of a property
  • Property developers requiring reports such as Archival Record of Buildings prior to development or demolition of houses/buildings in order to comply with a condition of construction activities imposed by local councils and state government bodies
  • Auctioneers looking for more rich history on a property to help appeal to prospective purchasers
  • Property Valuers appraising and understanding the complete story of a home and how it’s history can improve the standing of the property financially
  • Heritage Consultants requiring assistance with land/property ownership and historical research as part of their heritage impact assessments and reports
  • Property owners interested in obtaining a complete ownership history of their property to discover the true substance behind the historical charm of their home.



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